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5 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts that Kids Can Afford

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to break the piggy bank each year. After all, the best things in life are free. So kids listen up! If you can’t afford to buy mom that fancy expensive gift that she always talks about, give her an experience that is heartfelt, meaningful and free.


Parents don’t expect their kids to buy them expensive gifts. What parents really want is just appreciation and respect (and perhaps a clean room). Your love and appreciation can be easily demonstrated with a kind gesture like a hand-made greeting on Mother’s Day or breakfast in bed. Here are some not-so-creative ideas but very-much-appreciated experiences to show mom you care.


Your love and appreciation can be easily demonstrated with a kind gesture like a hand-made greeting on Mother’s Day or breakfast in bed.

Make Mom her Favourite Breakfast for Mother’s Day

I don’t mean just muffin or a pop tart. If she likes eggs benedict, learn how to make it and serve it to her in bed or at the table. Complete the experience with juice or coffee. And… please clean the table and wash the dishes.


Clean Her Car

This is something I never get around to doing on a regular basis. With the weight of the vacuum cleaner and the tedious work of removing the carpets, this is the one task I happily procrastinate. I’m sure many mom’s would agree that cleaning one more thing like the car is not high on the priority list but a real “nice to have” especially because we use it on a daily basis.


Do the Grocery Shopping for Her

If you are old enough to do the grocery run for your mom, take the list with you and ask her for the cash to pay for it. I’m sure she won’t expect you to pay for it (not just yet). Don’t forget to bring a calculator or use the one in your phone so you don’t go over budget and find yourself in an embarrassing situation at the cashier.


Clean the Bathroom

This is probably one of the least enjoyable chores. Cleaning the bathroom for mom would really show her you love her. Trust me. Be careful with the cleaning solution and consider using rubber gloves.


Pick Flowers

If you have a garden or a flower bed and mom doesn’t mind that you’re cutting her flowers, this could be a nice way to give a gift without giving up your allowance. I would not suggest cutting your neighbours’ flowers or those nicely planted ones on municipal grounds (the tulips at this time of the year always look so lovely!).


The suggestions above are meant to be additional tasks that you don’t usually do on your weekly schedule. Impress your mom by being extra kind, caring and loving on Mother’s Day. Find out what chores she really hates doing and do it for her (only if it is age appropriate). You’ll make her day.


So you see, it doesn’t cost you anything but a little bit of time investment. Happy Mother’s Day to all Single Moms! Hope your kids read this and you can make other suggestions that suit you.

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