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5 Success Forming Habits to Transform Your Life (Part 1)

No matter how busy you are, if you have the drive, passion and discipline, you will succeed at achieving what you set out to do but easier said than done.


As single parents, like everyone else, we can easily get distracted by so many things during the day as we juggle, multi-task and divide our limited time amongst the many tasks we have to do during the day. Unlike the dual income, couple parent families, you don’t have the financial means, the time and the extra set of hands to help you get things done. So it is even more critical for you to stay focused, disciplined and motivated.


Don’t let your handicap and minor disadvantage as a single parent become an obstacle to your success. If these negatives voices start to get louder in your head, you need to take a break, refocus and think positive. 


So start slowly practicing and integrating a few of these proven success-forming habits into your daily routine. You may not be able to do these every day, but find a good balance that works for you and decide what you can do daily, weekly and monthly. Don’t set yourself up to fail by expecting to practice all of these tips at once.


Don’t let your handicap and minor disadvantage as a single parent become an obstacle to your success.


1) Visualize Success


Build your vision board by populating it with words and pictures of what your life will look like in the next 3 years. You may not want to project too far ahead because so many things can change in your life. Write out your intangible goals and support it with pictures. This board should inspire and motivate you.


2) Meditate and Exercise

Taking care of your mind, body and soul through meditation and physical activities, will keep your entire being attuned and aligned. Going to yoga at least once a week, taking a stroll through the park, attending a religious service or just relaxing by the beach to read a book will help you relax, recharge your energy and recalibrate your mind.


3) Positive affirmation

Create a positive mindset by acknowledging, celebrating and reciting to yourself the many good qualities, talent and accomplishments you possess and you achieved. Reminding yourself about the small success will bring you to bigger victories in the future. Don’t forget to recognize the things you are grateful for.


4) Create to-do lists a day before

If you are stressed about all the things you need to do the next day, try creating a to-do list and get everything down on paper so you allow yourself to have a more restful sleep. Whether you know it or not, anxiety and worry will disrupt our sleep. By recording and documenting the tasks you need to complete for the next day, you unclutter your mind and no longer have to consciously remind yourself of what you need to do. Tackle it with a refreshed mind tomorrow.


5) Sleep

By doing #4, you will achieve better sleep. If you’re like me, I write a massive list of things that need to be complete in ONE day and I sacrifice sleep to cross off as many things on my list before going to bed.This isn’t a good habit. Let’s be realistic on what can be accomplished and leave some time to allow for unexpected things. If your list is realistic, it is achievable and you will rest more soundly knowing you had a productive day. Stay tuned for part 2 on success forming habits…


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