6 Best Time Management Apps for Kids (2016)

Time is a very precious resource and with the dual parenting role, single parents have a real challenge. With technology advancing so quickly, single parents can leverage it to their advantage but introducing mobile apps in their daily lives that can help manage their day-to-day activities and empower their kids to utilize it to build good time management habits.

The latest statistics indicate that the average age of children with smartphones is now age 10 according to a study called “Kids and Tech: The Evolution of Today’s Digital Natives”.  Because of the growing usage of phones in our everyday lives, we should think about how we can turn this digital platform from entertainment into a productivity tool that helps support our kids’ learning process in school. There are a number of apps in the market that can help keep your child’s mind sharp while keeping them organized and productive. Keeping them organized and teaching them good time management habits that you role model, means you will feel less stress and have a better functioning household.


1. My Study Life

Free for iOS, Android, Windows

My Study Life

My Study Life is a cross-platform planner for students, teachers and lecturers designed to make your study life easier to manage. My Study Life allows you to store your classes, homework and exams in the cloud making it available on any device, wherever you are.


2. Evernote

Free for iOS, Android, Windows, Apple Watch

Evernote keeps your note taking organized with to-do lists and lets you capture ideas including text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDF’s, web clippings and more. You can scan, digitize and organize your paper documents, drawings and handwritten notes and easily collaborate and sync between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.


There are a number of apps in the market that can help keep your child’s mind sharp while keeping them organized and productive.

3. One Note App

Free for iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Windows

Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas with OneNote, your very own digital notebook. Designed like a paper notebook, you can keep all your notes for specific subjects organized with one note. Your notes are saved in the cloud making collaboration and access on multiple devices easy and convenient.


4. Vocabulary HD

Free for iOS

A great way to learn new words. Features include a database of 500 words, 5 levels of difficulty, synonyms, pronunciation tool, sentence examples and quizzes.


5. Quizlet

Free for iOS, Android

Quizlet allows you to customize your learning on thousands of subjects from other users. The powerful interactive learning tool is available on mobile devices, the web and also accessible offline. From middle school to grad school, you can study any subject, including vocabulary, biology, chemistry using flashcards and quizzes and learn up to 18 foreign languages.


6. Complete Student Pack

$6.99 for iOS only

This student app bundle offers 3 apps in one for Math, Physics and Chemistry. The app bundle provides more than 210 topics, over 1500 Formulas, +200 Quizzes, hundreds of examples, 7 calculators and a useful unit converter for the math and science major.

Student Pack

Mobile Apps are great for keeping your kids engaged and mindfully active while they commute to school or other extracurricular activities after school. Make sure your kids have the right data plan to support their mobile usage and give them guidelines on when and where it should be used.

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