Celebrate Valentine’s Day the “Single” Way

Valentine’s Day can be a real drag for some of us “single” people. Every year, when Valentine’s Day comes around, some of us fantasize about being showered with gifts, receiving a bouquet of red roses, being whisked away for a weekend getaway or being surprised by that special someone in our life. But for us single folks, Valentine’s Day has become somewhat of a disappointment and only reinforces the fact that we have no one.

Though Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of romance and love between two people, it obviously can’t be this way for the unattached. So why not just celebrate love the single way? On Valentine’s Day, you can demonstrate love for your friends, family and most of all for yourself in many enjoyable ways:

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a celebration of romance and love between two people, it obviously can’t be this way for the unattached.

Love your friends

Give your friends the perfect gift that shows them you care. You can shower friends with the infamous heart-shaped box of chocolates, a small bouquet of fresh flowers, a humour filled Valentine’s card, a gift card to their favourite restaurant or a gift certificate for a special treatment to a spa. Perhaps they too don’t have a partner to share that special day with.

Love your family

For the children in your family, the stuffed Valentine’s day themed teddy bear would do. For the adults in the family, make dinner, offer to do chores they hate to do, grant them one wish. Don’t go nuts with the gift giving though, as you may still be financially recovering from the Christmas shopping blitz.

Love Yourself

Ask yourself what it is you’ve always wanted to do but have foregone because of time or cost consideration. If it is buying a new suit, a night on the town, a facial, a pedicure, a makeover, a 60 minute massage, lessons for your favourite activity, then do it for the love of yourself. Most of all, give yourself some “me” time.

While the hype around Valentine’s day builds excitement for couples, it tends to heighten anxiety for some single people. But being single is a pretty good predicament especially during this day. We don’t have to worry about disappointing our partner. There are no expectations and you have all the freedom to celebrate it any way you please.

So, spread the “love” around because there is so much of it to give.

Chanelle Dupre

Chanelle Dupre has been a single parent for 25 years and raised 2 sons now in their late 20s. Though it was a financial struggle with many personal challenges, she managed to successfully maintain her sanity. She is not only a part-time blogger and former columnist, but also a marketing executive with an MBA in technology, entrepreneur, community leader / mentor and real estate investor.

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