9 Easter Traditions for Single Parent’s to Celebrate

Easter has a different meaning for many families. If you are Christian, this is one of the most important times of the year along with Christmas. For others, it is about Easter bunnies, the egg hunt, Easter bonnets and the start of spring. Here are two different perspectives on celebrating Easter – the religious and non-christian approach.


For Christian families all over the world, Easter is a sacred time that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and symbolizes the birth of Christianity. Before Easter week, there is a 40 day lent period of prayer, penance and fasting. Holy Week is the week before Easter which includes Palm Sunday, when Jesus returned to Jerusalem; Maudy Thursday, when Jesus held his last supper with his 12 disciples; then Good Friday, when Jesus was crucified.


Easter Sunday follows Good Friday and it is the most significant day for Christians because it marks the end of lent period and begins the Easter season. Many flock to churches for prayer, to celebrate the Holy Communion or to observe the sacrament of baptism which symbolizes new life in Christ.


Easter Sunday follows Good Friday and it is the most significant day for Christians because it marks the end of lent period and begins the Easter season.

Here are some of the traditions that Christian families from all over the world enjoy at Easter time:

Palm Sunday

Christians get crosses made of palm leaves from church which symbolizes the palm leaves that people waved when Jesus returned to Jerusalem.

Lighting Candles for Easter

Some churches will hold a Saturday evening service in darkness and light 12 candles upon sunrise,

Dinner with Wine and Bread

Some may gather on Maudy Thursday to break bread and have red wine to symbolize the body and blood of Christ

Flowers at the Altar

On Good Friday, churches are decorated with flowers and some may even cover the cross as a sign of respect to Jesus as he died on the cross.

Parade of Cross

In some countries, a parade is held re-enacting the crucifixion with participants carrying a large cross over their shoulder walking down the streets for miles.

Easter Lamb

In celebration of Easter, some families may include a lamb in their Easter meal. Jesus was referred to as the Lamb of God, who was sacrificed to cleanse the sins of the world.

For others, Easter has no religious relevance. It is simply an event that marks the start of spring and the joy of an Easter egg hunt. While others are at church celebrating the rebirth of Christ, others are celebrating with their own traditions.

Easter Egg Painting

Easter eggs, in Pagan times, symbolized birth and fertility. In Europe, eggs were painted and given as home decorations during Easter time. Painting the eggs is one of the most enjoyable Easter pastimes for kids.

Easter Egg Hunt

The egg hunt is a fun activity typically held on Easter Sunday. The bunny hides eggs in a designated area where kids will find them and collect them in their baskets. Stores capitalize on this occasion by selling a large variety of chocolate Easter eggs that parents will buy and use for their own Easter egg hunt.

Easter Bonnets

In Europe, the easter bonnets are a tradition of wearing flowers on a hat to celebrate spring. Some cities hold an Easter Hat Parade to show off and compete for the best decorated bonnets.
Families from all over the world of many different religions will have many different customs and traditions. What is yours?

If you are a newly created single parent household, you will find it an exciting time to create new traditions throughout the year. Involve the kids in celebrating and planning these holidays together – whether it’s Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas. There are many great ideas that they can suggest. Keep some of your old traditions but establish new ones to keep the experience fresh and memorable

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