Free Summer Time Activities for your Family

Summer time is here!  As the cost of living continues to rise, some of us may no longer be able to afford the summer camp for kids. To keep the kids busy and engaged throughout the summer, try some of these low-cost or free summer time activities that you can do with them for fun. 


Go to Free Festivals and Events in Town

Check your local library for flyers or your community papers for a list of events around town designed for the whole family. Some events are free activities but you may just want to have some change for ice cream and snacks if you plan to stay long.


Take a Splash in the Water Park

If you want to stay cool during the summer heat wave, water parks are great. Put on a bathing suit, a water-proof sunblock and get the kids to wear non-slip slippers for maximum fun in the sun.


Read a book by the Beach

Borrow a book at the library, bring a towel or picnic blanket and pillow. Reading a book by the beach under a shaded tree is a no brainer. How relaxing!


Play Sports in the Field

Bringing a Frisbee, football, badminton racket or croquet set, is a fun way to spend your late afternoon along with a pitcher of lemonade to keep you hydrated.


Stroll or Hike through a Trail or Mountain

During dry weather, this is a great exercise. Being close to nature is good for your health and walking with a friend is productive. You can catch up on the latest news while you get exercise. 


As the cost of living continues to rise, some of us may no longer be able to afford the summer camp for kids.


Go Clam Digging

If you live near a beach, pick up your shovel and a large pail and head out during low tide. Clam digging is challenging because they move faster than you think. Only eat the clam if the water is safe. 


Learn to Stack Rocks

This is quite an art form. If you live by the beach or a lake, find some interestingly shaped rocks and try to stack them. It takes a steady hand and a calm day (no wind) to keep rocks balanced. If you’re really up for a challenge, try stacking logs. Much heavier versions but also something you can do by the beach.


Make Sand Castles

Like rocks, sand is free. If you spend a day at the beach, why not build sandcastles. If you have a plastic pail and a shovel, then you are ready to go. Other props and toys (like cars and dolls) to add to your sandcastle scene would be even more fun. Then take a picture and share it with friends on your social network.


Yes summer camps are still ideal because someone else looks after your kids but when you no longer can afford it, you have to trade time for money. These activities keep you involved with your kids and they are lighter on the pocket book too. Have a great summer!

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