Happy Father’s Day Mom!

For single parent families headed by moms, Father’s Day can bring a mixed bag of emotions. As you see families having brunch celebrating their dad’s special day, it’s hard to resist the thought of what it may be like for your kids (especially if they are boys) not to have a father to celebrate with.

But don’t feel guilty. You made a choice that was best for your family. With your love and support, you’ve created an emotionally healthy environment where your kids will thrive despite the absence of their dad.

There’s no doubt that many children traditionally think of dads as the man of the house, the breadwinner, the one to fear if you’ve stepped out of line, the one you can share special times with like fishing, golfing, fixing a car and talking about girls. But, more and more kids who are growing up in same sex households and single mom families don’t have a sense of these traditional roles.

Fathers come in many forms and it doesn’t have to be a male figure that you are married to. Here are father-like people worth recognizing and celebrating on Father’s Day

  • Your priest or pastor called Father (with the capital “F” as a sign of respect)
  • Your best “guy” friend who is there whenever you need something fixed
  • Your son’s mentor who provides guidance and emotional support
  • Your brother, father or uncle can act like the father your kids never had
  • You

Yes, you are father, mother, best friend, mentor and head of the household. Celebrate today like it is your day! Expect a mother’s day treatment on Father’s day as well. Being a single parent isn’t all that bad. Celebrate your dual role twice in the year.

Happy Father’s Day MOM!

Chanelle Dupre

Chanelle Dupre is a writer of parenting articles and was a single parent for 20 years to two sons now in their late 20's. She had a column in 3 newspapers and this blog is a curation of old and new stories around the challenges of single parenting and ideas on how to make life easier.

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