Recharge yourself

The days are finally getting longer again and it’s time to break out of the humdrum of winter. Spring is a season of growth and development and it is a great time to renew and recharge your SELF.

If you are a parent, it’s very likely that throughout the winter months, the focus and demands of school, work, friends and family life has left you with little “ME” time. Your priorities were on everyone else. Your busy life has often left you irritable, stressed and sleep deprived. You’ve tried to maintain a healthy social, emotional and spiritual balance but the demands of family life far exceeded your ability to cope. Your battery is drained.

Recharge your energy. Improve the quality of your life. Take some time-out for personally developing all aspects of your being and you will feel the weight of the scale tip in your favor. You will be a much happier and loving parent.

In achieving this, you must have the courage to change your current situation, the commitment to carve out the time for yourself, the discipline to maintain the commitment, and the passion for the activity you choose.

For the Body:

Play outdoors

Enjoy nature. We are blessed with so much greenery and terrain. Hike. Bike. Play tennis, golf or frisbee. Walk by the beach or through the park. Go and play outside.

Take a dance class

Enlist in ballroom or latin dancing. Make new friends in your community. You’d be amazed at the variety of people you will meet at a social dancing night. Have the courage to go alone and learn something new.

Join an organization or team

Be part of a group with a common interest. Whether that’s a sports team or a professional organization, it feels great to schmooze with like minded adults.

For the mind and soul:

Take Yoga

Get in touch with your soul. Meditate. Renew your spirit. Find a class with a serene background to enjoy. The environment helps to create a comfortable experience.

Read a book on spirituality

Take a journey to another dimension that you may not have explored before. Go to the bookstore and find a book that touches your soul. You will be amazed at the type of

Keep your new activity focused on one or two activities per week to keep it simple. Dedicating at least 2 – 3 hours a week to extra curricular activities will not affect your family schedule significantly. It’s a journey towards self fulfillment and it sounds mighty selfish for someone with a family, but taking care of the Self will mutually benefit the whole.

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