The Joy of Motherhood

Who says being a mom is easy? It is enjoyable (most times), but not easy. If I only paid attention in home economics class during family planning week in high school, I probably would have thought twice about having a family especially at a young age. But when you’re in, you have to dive in with both feet. The kind of journey you have is what you make it out to be. So far, mine has been interesting to say the least.

Parenting is a huge responsibility and not everyone is cut out to be a role model parent. Unlike drivers, you don’t need a license to be a parent but you will be seating in the driver’s seat. Unlike home buyers, you don’t need to pre-qualify to be a parent but domestic finances will be entrusted in your hands to run the household.

Unlike pilots, you don’t need to undergo intensive training to be a parent. So you get no license, no training, and no screening but society expects you to raise a responsible citizen. Fun! Welcome to parenthood.

You hear the warnings of the terrible twos and the rebellious teenage years, when does parenting stop becoming a job and start becoming a real joy. We wait until we pass all the growing pains of childhood and adolescents, then before you know it, it’s time for them to fly from the nest. Life is too short to be living in the future and waiting for a new, less painful phase to begin. Enjoy the journey now.

How does one find joy in motherhood:

  • Love life. Acknowledge the blessings of your children.
  • Love the children. Everything you do should reflect loving and caring acts.
  • Be positive. See the beauty in everything you experience.
  • Be a role model. The children will model after your stellar behaviour and attitude
  • Be affectionate. Express and communicate your feelings.
  • Learn from your experience. Everything that happens is a learning experience and an opportunity to reflect on yourself.

Though some of us mothers may not always get the kind of recognition and praise we’d like from our kids, we can serve as a role model by showing appreciation and gratitude around the home and especially towards them. Somehow along the way, we will rub off on them and love and respect will be reciprocated back. If we’re really lucky, they may even remember what mother’s day is about. But until then, don’t have any expectations on mother’s day. Just treat yourself to a good day! Happy Mother’s day.

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