Single parents often struggle with transitioning from being “single” to incorporating new “love interests” into their life with the kids. Knowing when and how to introduce them to the new person can be challenging. The balance in the new relationship can be concerning for children and parents. If the new significant other also has children, […]
Introduction When divorce or separation happens and both parents plan to be actively involved with raising their kids, you have no choice but to negotiate with your ex-spouse. The conflicts and disagreements that may have arisen during the separation process can make the co-parenting negotiation process even more difficult for all parties involved. But remember, […]
Introduction The most difficult part of moving on after a divorce is learning to deal with the issues related to the kids that have typically been joint decisions with your former husband. Even though you are now individually raising the kids on your own, you and your ex will still need to communicate on issues […]
If you have recently ended a relationship with your child’s other parent, you may be feeling like the possibility of a good co-parenting relationship is not fathomable at this time. Wounds may still be fresh and if you’re one of those couples who did not have an amicable separation, it will take a lot more […]
With the rising cost of living and the increasing demands of a career, some families have opened their doors to extended family members, like grandparents, to help with raising their family. For some, it’s a cultural norm to have in-laws, cousins or members of the nuclear family living in the same home, but for others […]