Many single parent families struggle to survive. Most have the will to be successful but few have the tools. If you have the right attitude and discipline, you can and will achieve success. The first step is creating habits and conditions conducive to a successful mindset (see Success Forming Habits Part 1) and the next step […]
It’s a competitive world and technology challenges your daily norm. So how do we keep our skills relevant and remain competitive? Commit yourself to learn something new. Get outside of your comfort zone and expand your knowledge. This could take the form of daily readings from groups or associations you’ve joined through LinkedIn or daily […]
With all your energy, time and money dedicated to raising your family, many single parents find it nearly impossible to think about balancing family, career and school. But if you have the exceptional ability to multi-task (without sacrificing your family life too much), you may be able to simultaneously pursue a career or upgrade your education […]
It’s a tough gig to be a full-time working parent, let alone a working single parent. However, it’s not so bad if you enjoy the challenge of balancing work and family and love what you do. But for those who don’t feel that their job is personally nor financially rewarding, working full-time outside of the […]