Let’s face it: Life can be hectic, and we can’t always make fitness a priority.  Sure, it sounds great to have the freedom to hit the gym for an hour every day, but that’s not possible for most single parents who run on a tight schedule. Plus, if we take into account the monetary investment […]
Easter has a different meaning for many families. If you are Christian, this is one of the most important times of the year along with Christmas. For others, it is about Easter bunnies, the egg hunt, Easter bonnets and the start of spring. Here are two different perspectives on celebrating Easter – the religious and […]
Summer time is here!  As the cost of living continues to rise, some of us may no longer be able to afford the summer camp for kids. To keep the kids busy and engaged throughout the summer, try some of these low-cost or free summer time activities that you can do with them for fun.  […]
Ghoulins, goblins, witches and magicians. It’s that scaaaaary but fun time of year again when kids are out late knocking on doors and getting all dressed up to get as many goodies they can get their hands on. For most kids, it’s a day full of excitement and anticipation, but for some parents, it’s a […]
Kids have anticipated this all year long – summer vacation. In my adolescent years, I remember my summer vacations being the best time of my life. I had no responsibilities, I can sleep in all day, I didn’t have homework and I had lots of time to hang out and do whatever I wanted. Yes, […]
Christmas holiday is a time for family, fun and festivities. It’s a special time that delivers an air of excitement for both adults and kids alike. For most, it is the happiest time of the year, for others, it’s a stressful and lonely time. The holidays can be a real challenge for some families, like […]