If you have recently ended a relationship with your child’s other parent, you may be feeling like the possibility of a good co-parenting relationship is not fathomable at this time. Wounds may still be fresh and if you’re one of those couples who did not have an amicable separation, it will take a lot more […]
It’s not easy to manage money when you have kids and have only one source of income. Kids can throw in variable costs that you may not be able to afford. The more kids you have, the more variable expenses you can expect. You can have the best budget plan in place, but it’s inevitable […]
All parents want to raise self-confident, self-sufficient children. However, for single parents, it can seem like you are always struggling just to keep up. Whenever possible, enlist the help of the other parent – yes your ex. Assuming you have a good relationship with him or her, as part of your co-parenting process, you both […]
You may be wondering “Why do i need to budget when i have no money to budget?”. Well believe it or not, because you don’t have a large disposable income as a single parent household with one source of income, it is even more important for you to keep track of where your money goes. […]
Money is an important tool to help us achieve our dreams in life. Without it, we could be homeless, hungry and unhealthy. Everything we do requires money so it is important to set goals to make sure we achieve our vision. Perhaps you have a vision board that helps you to articulate what you want […]
Dating can be challenging in the best of circumstances. Add children, an ex-spouse or partner, and trust or commitment challenges, and you have an uphill battle at times. However, it does not have to be as treacherous as it seems. You also do not have to enter the dating world until you are absolutely ready. […]
Let’s face it: Life can be hectic, and we can’t always make fitness a priority.  Sure, it sounds great to have the freedom to hit the gym for an hour every day, but that’s not possible for most single parents who run on a tight schedule. Plus, if we take into account the monetary investment […]
Whether you realize it or not, the things you teach (and don’t teach) your children today will have a profound impact on their lives as they grow up and go out into the world. Habits, manners and attitude form at an early age and once kids get older, it’s harder to change or influence them.  […]
Being a parent is arguably one of the toughest jobs to have in the world, it’s even harder being a single parent. Having only one income to support your family and likely not even a high annual salary at that, you must develop good financial management habits to stay ahead. It’s never too late to […]
COVID has had quite an impact on our young people. From missing grad to missing summer vacations, it’s been a difficult year full of emotional and social challenges for our teens. Now, even the 2020-2021 school year will not be a seamless process for them as well. For example, they are not going to be […]