It’s been months since COVID landed in North America and many are growing tired of the constant lock down and restrictions placed on us. It’s no longer the kind of life we used to know. Many of us have retreated in isolation to stay safe and many are out of work. Many were affected economically, […]
It’s not easy to manage money when you have kids and have only one source of income. Kids can throw in variable costs that you may not be able to afford. The more kids you have, the more variable expenses you can expect. You can have the best budget plan in place, but it’s inevitable […]
You may be wondering “Why do i need to budget when i have no money to budget?”. Well believe it or not, because you don’t have a large disposable income as a single parent household with one source of income, it is even more important for you to keep track of where your money goes. […]
Being a parent is arguably one of the toughest jobs to have in the world, it’s even harder being a single parent. Having only one income to support your family and likely not even a high annual salary at that, you must develop good financial management habits to stay ahead. It’s never too late to […]
7 Ways to Control Your Spending The temptation to buy is all around us. If you’re a spender, you’ll find it hard to resist the temptation to reach for your credit card every time you want something. You have trouble separating your wants from your needs and struggle to pay off the full balance on […]
Financial success is not determined by the amount of money you make, but it’s what you do with what you make that will determine whether you achieve your financial goals. If you eat out too often or you have impulsive buying habits, it may take you longer to save towards your goals. If you tend […]
When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and stressed from the incredible amount of responsibility of a single parent, it’s time to take a break! Perhaps you’ve refrained from social activities because you know there is a cost involved. There are tons of activities that require little to no budget at all. The most important thing […]