Some full-time working parents may find themselves torn between work and family commitments. Though the demands of the job depends on the nature of the work and industry, in most cases a desire for career advancement usually requires increased work hours and more time away from family and personal life. How does a working parent […]
Prioritizing means finding the highest value task and giving it the focus, energy and time to get it done. It requires making decisions on what to do and what not to do so you can achieve your goal. With limited time and resources, you have to accept the fact that you will not always be […]
Aside from Christmas, it is one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year for parents of school kids – back-to-school. In September, you find yourself doing double time, multitasking, and being fully immersed in the rat race once again. If you are a single parent with children attending school, your 24-hour pie […]