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5 Things Single Parents should Consider in Creating a Supportive Home School Environment

Homeschooling intentionally can be a fantastic way to ensure that your child receives the curriculum that you want them to have. On the other hand, if you had no intention of being a homeschool parent, being thrust into having your children learn at home can be challenging. While you want your child to be safe and healthy, many things make online learning difficult for children. We want to give you some tips to ensure your child’s success.

Designate Learning Space and Time

Some schools are allowing in-person learning days in a variety of ways. Some allow students on campus every day, and other schools only allow students a few days a week. Students are likely still spending much of their time learning through online and remote strategies. Having a space for remote learning will help students separate school time from home time. Some remote learning may require synchronous attendance, while other things can be done asynchronously. If the television, video games, or sleep are appealing to your children, working on the couch or bed can unintentionally increase the distractions.

While you want your child to be safe and healthy, many things make online learning difficult for children.

Additionally, students with designated learning spaces can also find that having a designated space is also more comfortable for working continuously. Learning time can be forgotten when done asynchronously. Having designated times for learning gives students a routine to follow, which can be helpful for completing tasks.

Get School Supplies and Equipment

While working from home, a laptop or Chromebook may work well, but buying the right school supplies will help your child be successful. A planner or notebook to keep up with due dates, video chat times, and other scheduled information can be especially helpful for older children.

You also want to make sure that they still have access to pens, paper, and folders. Nothing beats taking notes, and while on a video or audio chat, sometimes paper and pen work best.

School Desk and Chair

A desk and chair seem like such little things, but parents often skip this with temporary learning environments. Even an inexpensive desk and chair from a local reseller can be just the tools your child needs. Physical discomfort while learning will prevent retention.

If they must use the coffee table as their desk because your home doesn’t accommodate an additional desk space, buy a stool at the appropriate height to the coffee table so they are not bent over for hours trying to watch their online class.

Library Access

Many libraries worldwide remain closed for live visits, but electronic books and materials can still be accessed. Most public libraries already have online access including materials like digitized newspapers and magazines for research projects.

You may also be able to check out physical materials from school or public libraries and reserve for local pick up or mail delivery. Tutors or homework helpers may also have online resources or schedules.


Always offer extra love. Your children will respond best to love and understanding. You will get frustrated with them. Try to remember that this is a challenging time. Make sure to be patient and understanding when things don’t go the way they imagined or that you imagined. Your children will look to you for help with the emotional stuff as well. Be sure they have the educational tools to be successful at their new learning environment and your loving support, most importantly, will go a long ways.

Final Thoughts

Our current situation is challenging indeed. It’s not easy for two parent families let alone for single parent families especially when one parent is an essential worker. For those working and balancing home life with kids, hang in there, it’s almost over. The bright side is that we are getting more time with our kids and seeing how they interact with their peers and teachers gives us insight on where the struggles and opportunities for growth may be. It’s a blessing in disguise.

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  1. I pulled my kid out of school after excessive bullying and the school authorities refused to do anything about it. I was lucky enough to have a job where I only had to commute to the office once a week. But homeschooling proved to be a tough challenge for me and I’m always reading up on new blogs and methods on how to effectively homeschool my child. Thankfully this article has been a great read filled with amazing tips. Will be forwarding it to my friends.

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