Celebrating Single Parenthood

So your ex-spouse may have set you back financially and left you emotionally drained from the divorce. But, when the recovery is all said and done, there are many reasons to celebrate Single Parenthood.

Sure, people say it’s tough but the kind of experience you have is what you make it. Seeing the challenges as being insurmountable will surely result in failure. On the other hand, tackling the single parent situation with confidence and a positive attitude will provide you with the opportunity to learn from the experience. Personal challenges allow us to grow and to strengthen emotionally. It develops our ability to analyze and to solve problems.

So what if financial and time constraints are making life a little difficult. Some of the great experiences in life require no money and little effort. Recognizing the positive benefits of any crises is the key to surmounting the challenges that will allow you to enjoy single parenthood.

Here are just some of reasons to celebrate being a SINGLE PARENT:

Some of the great experiences in life require no money and little effort.

Renewed self confidence

You’ll feel desirable again when you start meeting and dating new people. The attention is flattering and revitalizes your self esteem.

Guilt-free shopping

You don’t have to justify how you spend your money. Complete autonomy when shopping is the ultimate freedom for most women so enjoy and indulge. You don’t ever have to be disappointed that he didn’t buy you the gift you wanted. You can buy it for yourself.

A house to call your own

You can decorate your home to reflect your personality.
Now that you have no one with whom to compromise, you can decorate as you please. You will feel a sense of freedom and satisfaction in having pure autonomy over your own nest.

A time to grow

The time you spend with others promotes personal growth. Spending time with other people will allow you to see the world through the eyes of people from all walks of life.

Develop new skills

If you don’t have another male figure to depend on, you will have to develop new skills from carpentry and plumbing to budgeting and investing. This opportunity will allow you to develop into a self reliant, well rounded parent.

New level of self respect

hrough the trial and tribulations, you will gain strength, independence and a new level of self respect.

No doubt single parenting will be the biggest challenge of your life and the toughest battle to fight, but the experience will help you to appreciate life in a way that you never expected. The rewards of your success will feel incredible. So, celebrate your new self and new status. This is your opportunity to start fresh again!

Chanelle Dupre

Chanelle Dupre is a writer of parenting articles and was a single parent for 20 years to two sons now in their late 20's. She had a column in 3 newspapers and this blog is a curation of old and new stories around the challenges of single parenting and ideas on how to make life easier.

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