Valentine Dating Ideas for the Single Parent

Valentine’s day is here again and if you’ve been with the same lover for many years, you may be running out of Valentine’s ideas. Don’t let this year go down in relationship history as just “another Valentine’s day”. Be creative. Be original.

Every Valentine’s day should be as exciting as the first Valentine’s day you’ve ever shared with your partner. Why? Because nurturing your relationship through romantic gestures will strengthen your relationship.

You don’t need to try to outdo yourself every year, just find new ways to spice up the traditional celebration. If you feel the need to stay within your comfort zone of romanticism, then take the traditional Valentine’s celebration formula and add some spice and creativity. It can be a lot of work but seeing the smile on your partner’s face will be worth the effort.

If you feel the need to stay within your comfort zone of romanticism, then take the traditional Valentine’s celebration formula and add some spice and creativity.

Love Poems

If you’re not brilliant with writing poems and are looking for a unique alternative to the boring “Be my valentine” greeting card, don’t fret. You can adopt a poem from online sources such as www.poemsforfree.com, cut and paste into your own hand- made greeting card and present to your loved one at Valentine’s dinner. When I say present, I mean you, the writer, should read it out loud to your lover. It’s more romantic when they hear it from the heart!

Valentine’s Dinner

Make this a unique dining experience. Have dinner at the most unusual place. It may be too cold to have a beach lunch or dinner at the dockside, but perhaps you can dress your bedroom like a dining room and serve dinner in bed. Create a romantic ambiance with candles and music. If you’re afraid you’d poison your partner with your cooking, order take out and serve in special platter. Presentation is everything. Have flowers on the table and garnish your platter with fruits and vegetables. Be creative and efforts will pay off.

The Gift

Chocolates or flowers are great traditional gifts for both men and women, but don’t default to buying these gifts just because it is a convenient gift you can buy at any drugstore or grocery store. If you want a memorable Valentine’s day, be original. How about an experience gift card? Activity centers and hotels offer getaways and packages in the form of a gift card. Some are relatively inexpensive with packages such as river rafting, canoeing and spa treatments selling for less than $100. Experience gifts are an investment in your relationship. Redeeming your gift card is like experiencing the gift all over again. New experiences create priceless memories.

The Music

Music is the most romantic way to create ambiance. Find a selection of music that your partner likes. Jazz is always a great pick. Perhaps Michael Buble, Diana Krall or Harry Conick. No matter what artist or style you choose, listen to the lyrics of the song and make a great selection for the evening.

This formula will be a guaranteed hit with your Valentine, and your ideas will create the personal touch that will make this Valentine’s day a memorable one in your history.

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